Pacific Worldwide Transport Group

We are a group of companies specializing in Logistics , with years of experience in transporting a variety of cargoes across the globe.

OWL LOGISTICS (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. hough one year old , it has 8 experienced staffs in logistics field for many years.The company can provide one stop logistics services including solving cumbersome Customs documentation and procedures, clearance handling in Thailand, including cross borders logistics etc.

Being Pacific Worldwide Group of Companies, OWL enjoys the cooperation of its more than 65 agents in more than 55 countries. Carefully selected and professional agents.

This also include the branded Service Contracts signed by Principle, for containers to USA, which the Group has excess to it. And with all HBL under Marine insurances, cargo entrusted to OWL, are in safe hands. OWL logistics (Thailand) has it own consolidation services to USWC and USEC, building its reputation rapidly day by day, month by month in so doing. There is no cargo too complicated or too delicate, that we have to turn away.